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Pervy Penguins

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penguins (of course)
Pervy Penguins


June 16th, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Emma brain, Emma Frost
Title: Braver at Night
Author: musamea
Pairing: Emma Frost/Jean Grey
Rating: Decidedly NC-17.
A/N: Happy birthday, sionnain! I'm incredibly happy we're fandom friends and wish you the best in this next decade of life! Here's some smut for you. :) I tried to throw Scott in there, too, but the girls kept kicking him out. I also tried to keep it from getting too angsty, but again, Jean and Emma had minds of their own. Title from Anne Sexton's "Her Kind," of course.

A woman like that is misunderstood / I have been her kind.Collapse )

June 15th, 2007


Happy Birthday, Sionnie!!!!!! I really really really hope you have a terrific day and lots and lots and lots of fun. :g:

I wrote you two fics cause I couldn't decide which to do, emo-angsty one or porny-ish one since you seem to enjoy both. :P

Emo one featuring Rogue and Mystique, 616Collapse )

Porny one featuring Rogue and Mags, EvoCollapse )
Title: Arrangement
Author: likeadeuce
Pairing/Characters: Emma Frost/Tony Stark
Rating: R
A/N: Happy birthday, sionnain! You liked Champagne Wishes, so I wrote you another scene from Emma and Tony's 'little arrangement.' Thanks to willowaus for beta!

FIC: ArrangementCollapse )

June 14th, 2007

This is just a little pornlet in the Kushiel's Legacy 'verse. It takes place toward the beginning of Scion, so it's completely free of Justice spoilers.

Phedre/Nicola l'Envers, NC-17, warning for BDSM. As if I have to warn for those things with you. ;)

Lesbian kinky porn for your b-day!Collapse )

June 13th, 2007

(no subject)

gothic wondering
the penguins want to talk to youCollapse )

(no subject)

gothic wondering
Title: Push/Pull
Author: Lunalelle
Pairing: Magneto/Rogue, Magneto/Mystique
Rating: R
Summary: Magneto thought it would end after the machine.
Notes: Happy 30th birthday, Sionn! For the big 3-0, you get crossgen. :) God, woman, I didn't realize how much I missed Magneto/Rogue until writing this for you.

Push/PullCollapse )

June 12th, 2007

The Toy

Title: The Toy
Author: fleabear
Rating: MA
Warnings: Torture and violence
Total words: 656
Original story

The ToyCollapse )
Thanks to likeadeuce for the idea, and for swatting it back to me, saying, no, no, YOU write that.


Four villains Jean Grey never had sex with, and two she maybe did.

Read more...Collapse )
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