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Pervy Penguins


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penguins (of course)
Pervy Penguins


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Happy Birthday, Sionnie!!!!!! I really really really hope you have a terrific day and lots and lots and lots of fun. :g:

I wrote you two fics cause I couldn't decide which to do, emo-angsty one or porny-ish one since you seem to enjoy both. :P

This was not going at all how Raven had planned. For one Rogue was supposed to trust her by now. Not be sitting in some corner of this flying monstrosity, smiling eerily. Laughing at something only she could hear. She reminded Raven of a madwoman listening to voices in her head--of course, her daughter actually had voices in her head. Millions of them. Dead ones. Who the hell knew what they were doing to her.

Raven frowned, leaning against the wall. Studying her carefully. Watching the way Rogue flexed her hand every so often. Mumbling about an itch. Looking around at all of them, at their exposed skin almost longingly. She crossed her arms and turned to glare at Cable. This was his fault. If he hadn't awoken Rogue early she would not be in this predicament. Crazy, Raven. Just say it.

She sneered at the man's back and stalked up to the cockpit. Taking over the controls, daring little Miss Robot to say something. Kamira merely shrugged, leaning back in the seat. Not giving her the attention she required. "She requires sedation," Kamira stated, seat turned back. Staring at Rogue.

"No." Raven grabbed her seat, twisting it back. Sedation would only make the voices louder. Give them more merit.

"She is able to kill with a touch. All of you would be dead within moments." Kamira pushed some controls. Studying the technology.

But Rogue wouldn't. That's what Raven wanted to say. If she spoke it out loud maybe she would be able to believe that somewhere in the madwoman was the little girl she was trying to recapture. Her little girl. Hadn't she called for her? Right after the end of the battle. Calling out for her Mama. Before the voices took over. The shadow of recent events quickly distorting her.

Raven growled, frustrated, and stalked away from the cockpit. Glaring at each member of the 'team' that she passed. Wandering back towards Rogue who appeared to be dozing. She stopped in front of her, watching carefully. Her eyes opened, staring at her. Wide and full of tears. Lower lip quivering. "Make it stop, Mama," she whispered, hands balled in her lap. Rocking gently. "Too loud. Too many."

Raven quickly knelt down beside her. "Baby..."

Rogue's head snapped up at that, baring her teeth. "Ours now," she hissed, her voice not hers. Lower. Venomous. "A vessel. Life."

"She is not yours," Raven growled, not liking the smile curving along her daughter's face. That was not Rogue's smile.

"Won't give her up." Rogue stretched out her hand, fingers mere inches away from Raven's face. "Be ours too."

"I am no one's." Raven narrowed her eyes. Not moving. "She is not yours," she reiterated, pleased when Rogue dropped her hand.

Rogue blinked, looking wildly around. "I can't help ya!" she screeched, clawing at her face. "Go away! Just go away!"

Cable moved quickly, jabbing Rogue's arm with a needle. Causing her to sneer, swiping erratically with her arm before slumping over. Unconscious. "This is your fault," Raven bit out, wanting to kill the man.

"I know," he stated, walking away. Defeated.

Raven moved slowly, pulling Rogue into her lap. Arranging the cloak so that no skin was touching. Gently rubbing Rogue's hair. The girl was shivering, murmuring incoherently in her sleep. Nuzzling closer, hands twisting in the cloak. Reminding Raven of how she'd behaved as a child during a nightmare. "Mama," she moaned, over and over.

Raven stroked her hair. "I'm here," she breathed, holding her close. Glaring at the other occupants of the ship.

They would all pay. Each and everyone of them. All those Rogue saved in her senseless sacrifice. Providence. Raven would make sure of it.

This was pointless. All of it. Rogue flicked the remnants of the eraser away, annoyed by the pink smudge on her otherwise pristine paper. Not that writing a perfect essay on the causes of the American Revolution was going to be a turning point in her life. School--in her opinion--was becoming more of a waste each passing day. A chorus of giggles erupted behind her and she sighed, rolling her eyes at the bubbly display from her classmates. Discussing the latest basketball game or was it soccer? Don't matter.

There was another roar of laughter and she rolled her eyes as Mrs. Hooper, the librarian, did nothing to try and quiet them. Merely kept looking her way, as though she was going to walk off with one of the books spread before her. An' I'm the onedoin' work. So damn typical.

Rogue focused her attention back on the book she was skimming for information. Twirling the pencil, ignoring Mrs. Hooper's insistent cough.

"Miss Darkholme?"

She looked up at her name, sighing when she spotted the school counselor, Ms. Parker, in the doorway. Surveying the room for her, waving frantically when she was spotted. Rogue stuffed the books back on the shelf and gathered her papers, pushing them into her satchel. Followed Ms. Parker out of the room, stifling the urge to run. "We had a two o'clock meeting, MissDarkholme," the counselor admonished, urging her to hurry.

Rogue took her time, fiddling with the pack. "Your guardian and Mr. Knickles have been waiting fifteen minutes." Rogue shrugged which only seemed to exasperate the woman further.

She opened the door to her office and Rogue stopped on the threshold, frowning when she saw her guardian. So not the professor. Icy blue eyes regarded hercoolly . His entire demeanor showing how annoyed he was to be here. Rogue rolled her eyes and collapsed into the chair beside him. Crossing her arms to show her own anger with the situation. "Don't slouch, girl," he hissed, the slightest German accent showing in his speech.

Rogue dropped the satchel beside her chair, strumming her fingers along the metal arms of the chair and pushed herself up. Making an unpleasant face at him before continuing her 'I hate the world' expression towards the others. Mr.Knickles , her physics teacher, sat across from her. Ms. Parker taking a seat beside him. She ignored them all. Not really caring what either had to say about her. Especially to him. Wasn't like he took anything they said seriously.

They were all looking at her and she realized someone must have asked a question. Rogue shrugged. "I didn't even wanna be in physics. Was supposed ta be in Advanced Bio," she grumbled, kicking at the floor. Playing up the petulant child routine.

"Quiet," Magneto snapped, and she watched Knickles's face light up. Enjoying the admonishment.

She tugged on her gloves, narrowing her eyes. Wanting to wipe the damn smirk from his face. Magneto gripped her shoulder, squeezing hard before rising. Clasping her arm and helped her to her feet. Rogue grabbed her bag, shrugging out of his grip as they exited the room. Falling into step beside him, rolling her eyes as all the metal on her body tightened. Followed him out to the Institute car, grudgingly sliding into the passenger seat.

They drove in silence, the metal of her belt constricting further. Making it harder to breathe. She gripped the bottom of the seat. Not wanting to give him the satisfaction of her wincing or crying out. Biting her lip to silence herself. "How charming," hemuttered, grabbing her hand. Yanking the glove off. "The sniveling little human insulted your intelligence and you did nothing."

Rogue yanked her hand away. "He wasn't worth it."

"You squander your power." She didn't like the disgust in his voice. Not one bit.

"Ain't about to be an Acolyte," she countered, crossing her arms. "Ain't one of your lil' goons."

"I never stated you would be a mere foot soldier." All she could do was glare. Annoyed with his answer.

They passed the turn for the Institute and she looked questioningly at him. "Where the hell are we goin'?" she demanded, breath quickening.

He looked over at her. Blue eyes piercing. "Touch me and find out." That sounded entirely too seductive when he said it.

Rogue shook her head. "Uh uh. Don't want ya in my head."

Magneto laughed, steering the car down the road to a secluded area. He had her seat belt unbuckled and her straddling his lap within a few seconds. Rogue smiled, hands gripping his shoulders. Gasping as he tugged her shirt off, running his fingers along her bra strap. "We should not be engaging in this behavior," he muttered, stroking her breasts through her bra.

Rogue squirmed in his lap. "You say that every time, sugah," she reminded, gasping as his mouth replaced his hands. "Hasn't stopped ya yet."

He nipped her breast and she cried out. "Your grades will improve."

"Only let 'em slip cause I missed this," she informed him, smiling wickedly.

Magneto raised an eyebrow and then laughed, tugging her closer. Kissed her hard. "My devious little girl."

"Mhm." She shifted against his lap, winking as she felt his erection. Rubbing herself shamelessly against him. "Learned from the best, sugah."

He grabbed her hips, pulling her roughly against him. Adjusting her body so that they were both groaning, striving for release. She gripped his shoulders, gaze locked with his. Whimpering he leaned down, biting her shoulder. Her entire body pulsed, back arching as she came. Collapsing against him, letting him continue pulling her against him. Smiling as he held her close, grip bruising as he finished. Head falling back against the seat.

They stayed like that for a few more moments, his hand tangled in her hair. "Ask me," Rogue urged, looking up at him.

His eyes were closed and he yanked on her hair. Smiling as she gasped. "You will only say no."

"May not this time. Ya never know," she replied, running her fingers along his jaw.

"Join me." He still wouldn't look at her.

"Hmm?" Rogue grinned as he gave her an annoyed look.

"I could give you the world," he reminded, pushing her towards the passenger seat.

"You already do that." She smiled, brushing his cheek. "But you know I can't."

"I know you still are under the false belief that you cannot leave." Magneto started the car, driving back towards the high school. "That you are beholden to them."

"They're my family." Sighing, she looked out the window.

"And I would provide you with a new one," he reminded, and silence fell between them. Like always.

Rogue frowned as the car pulled into the parking lot. "See you in a few weeks," she murmured, rolling her eyes when the door wouldn't budge.

"Perhaps there will not be a next time," he stated, his voice hard, releasing his hold on the door.

Rogue leaned over, kissing his cheek. "Don't kid yourself."

He grabbed her arm, giving her a bruising kiss. Nipping her bottom lip. "Don't be flippant."

"All part of my charm," she reminded, pushing away. Gathering her books and got out of the car.

He gave her the same piercing stare he always did. "You will change your mind," he stated, and she smiled.


He nodded and she shut the door, watching him drive away. Waited until his car was out of sight before jogging over to the front of the school. Smiling as the bell rang. Kurt met her by the doors a few minutes later. Kitty joining them as Scott pulled up, ready to take them home. Rogue crossed her arms, putting on her annoyed front as she sat down in the front seat. Time to go home.
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